Eyebrow Tattoo
Is Getting an Eyebrow Tattoo Painful?

The brow happens to be an area with fewer nerve endings than your eyelid (where many ladies get eye-liner tattoos as well). Additionally, when you get tattoo eyebrows done, a moment before the ink or pigment is implanted with a vibrating needle, the aesthetician or tattoo artists will apply a liquid topical anesthetic to the brow region to num the sensation. It is very effective.

Usually the feeling at the start of the eyebrow tattooing procedure feels a little like a tickle. If the area must be passed over again or if the area near where you have already been tattooed is being worked on, the sensation will be a stinging effect. If you are very sensitive these sensations may translate to what equals pain, but it doesn’t last very long. The entire cosmetic tattooing procedure isn’t more than 30 – 45 minutes even for quite detailed feathered brows. At most you’ll feel a little uncomfortable for an hour.

The real discomfort is afterward, when the brow area that has been tattooed gets a little red and swollen. For about a week it’s sensitive, but when the scabs begin to form, it’s merely itchy. Avoid the temptation to scratch off the scabs because they will take a bit of eyebrow tattoo with them.

Eyebrow Tattoo Tips

When deciding to have tattoo eyebrows or permanent make up of any kind it is important to have pre tattooing consultations with an aesthetician or tattooing professional to be sure you will get the color and style you want.

One good question to ask at this consultation is about the stroke that will be used during the eyebrow tattooing procedure. The “feathering stroke” is used to make the tattoo appear like small hairs instead of just a line of ink. It can also be used to add small strokes between natural brow hairs to fill-in gaps.

The next question to ask is about color. Will you get a color that matches your natural hair or do you wish to go a shade darker or lighter? Most inks and tattoo pigments are auburn, brown, henna, black or combinations of these. Eyebrow tattoos area almost always a little darker than you might like at first, so account for fading to achieve the desired color after a month or so. Black can turn grey over time and pure auburn or henna can become reddish, so try to have your permanent eyebrow tattoo specialist blend a little to minimize the color changes later on.

Permanent Make Up For Men

Although it is also important for a woman to have the best possible permanent make up done in a natural looking way, it is even more so for a man because it can be embarrassing to appear as if he’s made up. The feathering technique will be especially important for a man, as will a color that is subdued giving the illusion of an eyebrow and not a geisha girl black line to seduce.

It is important for men to consider this eyebrow replacement option because the brow is an essential element of the face, and without it, facial expressions may seem odd because the brow enhances the facial angles and the eyes and even gives a lifted appearance to a lazy eye or can alter how high a high forehead appears. This is even truer if the man has a receding hairline or suffers from balding as well.

Eyebrow Tattoo for Women and Men

Eyebrow tattooing, permanent make up, cosmetic tattooing, as well as micropigmentation all refer to the same thing – using a needle in a special tattoo gun to implant pigment or ink under the skin to create the illusion of a brow where one doesn’t exist or where the hair is almost invisible. Although this procedure is common as a beauty treatment for women (who are either tiered of enhancing their eyebrows with make up or) who have suffered an illness that has caused them to lose their brows, it is also a solution for men who have the same brow problems.

The only real difference is that men will seldom use make up on their brows and therefore may have less understanding of what can be achieved in terms of shape and style and color with a permanent eyebrow tattoo. It is also more difficult for a man who wishes to have tattoo eyebrows because there are fewer eyebrow tattoo pictures of men’s brows and the so important “before and after” shots that will demonstrate to him what can be achieved.

Eyebrow Tattooing and Permanent Make Up

To most of us in the west the idea of having an eyebrow tattoo done is something quite new. In Asia such a cosmetic permanent make up procedure carried out is no in the least bit strange and is in reality actually very popular.

With that said more of us in country like the US and the UK are discovering the possibility of getting a tattooed eyebrow to save us a lot of effort in our daily routine and keep us looking at our absolute best more of the time.

Not only that but if you have made the mistake of over plucking your eyebrows at some point in your life then you will know that it takes an age for them to grow back and they never quite look the same again.

Having a professional tattoo artist remedy the problem is an easy way to get back to the way things were before your mishap. And if you didn’t have much in the way of an eyebrow to begin with this is also a great option.

As well as eyebrow tattooing, this blog is going to take a look at other permanent make up such as tattooed eyeliner. After you have read all I have to say you will be able to consider yourself an expert and will know whether this increasingly popular cosmetic procedure is right for you.